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These are users recognized by streamers as loyal members of their community. VIPs are immune to chat and channel moderation settings, although they are still …

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VIPs are hand-picked users who cannot be modded by bots, but can still be manually moderated by actual moderators. They’re lucky spoiled brats that can do …

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15. dec. 2022 — Twitch streamers unlock 10 VIP badges once they complete the “Build a Community” achievement on their channel. To do this, they must have …

To be honest it does completely nothing to my knowledge. It's just a rank that allows that person to stand out more in chat… you could probably search all the stuff It does!

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See what channels a user is a VIP/Moderator in. … Twitch allows any user to see who’s a Moderator or VIP in any channel by typing /mods or /vips.

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27. feb. 2021 — A VIP member in a streamer’s community is a special individual recognized with a special badge. Streamers can assign VIP spots to consistent …

See what channels a user is a VIP/Moderator in.

How to make someone a VIP on Twitch – Dot Esports

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